Dr. Phil and Real Estate Reality

What can Dr. Phil teach us about real estate?

Re: How To Flip A House In Any Market

I’ve met with a few “new” people recently who tell me they “want” to start investing in real estate.

The sad thing is this is so common these days. SO many people want to get started, but just never take any real concrete action.

Let me tell you – watching a few HGTV shows and following it up with a couple free Youtube videos is not going to turn you into an active real estate investor, let alone make you financially independent by next Friday.

The reality is that so many people are having trouble because they don’t know the next steps to take to 1. find a house and 2. get it under contract at a price that will allow them to make a profit.

You don’t need a real estate license or a MBA from Harvard to do this stuff. It’s not rocket science or brain surgery.

In fact, it’s simple – but it does require work.

Dr. Phil has a quote that is just spotĀ on:

“The world couldn’t care less about thoughts without actions.”

No one cares if you “want” to be a real estate investor.

Nobody cares if you are getting ready to retire next year and don’t have 10k in savings.

No one is going out of their way to help the person that simply wants to sit at home in front of a computer, mouth wide open, waiting for inspiration to suddenly fills their bank account with profits.

What I DO care about is the person that WANTS TO and then follows it up by TAKING ACTION.

Specifically – there are steps that show me if someone is serious about this business. They provide EVIDENCE if someone is serious or just a wanter. I’m going to lay those steps out for you at our next meeting.

You should join us.

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