Three Things To Know About Hurricane Irma

Re: Three Things You Should Know About Irma

#1 Irma Is B.I.G. “Big Irms” is one of the largest and strongest hurricanes to hit the U.S. in decades. She is causing fatalities and property destruction all along her path. Stop for a moment and say a prayer for safety for everyone in her path.

#2 For such a big hurricane she has a lot of endurance. Hurricane Irma is expected to register Category 4 or more for five consecutive days – only the fourth time this has happened since 1966.

#3 “Big Irms” is forecast to turn to the heartland of the country and she is not stopping our WREIA meeting on Monday evening. We are good to go and look forward to having you.

Summer is over and it’s time to start the final push to wrap up the year.

Monday night there will be a discussion on best ways to ENGAGE your audience.

  • Get your prospects to call, email, text or respond to your social media posts.
  • Learn the minimum response and engagement rates you should be looking for on social media.
  • Engagement doesn’t have to be a HARD SELL. Learn how to deep dive on the personality of your prospects. (For FREE!)

Come out on Monday, Sept 11th and hear what is working (and not working) across the DC area. 

Bring your questions for the Q&A section and…..

Don’t Forget –  Bring Your Wholesale Deals!! – Washington REIA members will also be making offers on some of the best deals in the DC area.

No products to purchase!  This is content rich material you can execute on immediately!

Grab a seat for this Monday night or become a WREIA member at this link.

See you Monday!