10k Views On A Zillow Listing? – Here’s How – LINK

Re: 10k views on Zillow

On Monday, September 11th we are going to talk about marketing your real estate business.

Most people think about marketing in our business as “looking for homes”.

But let’s talk about the time when you try to sell the property.

Let’s start here and agree that it’s important it is to get your property in front of as many people as possible – who qualify for your home.

Here is a quick link to a Zillow article. In the article, you will read how important the photos and a good description are for your views. They follow it up with a great sample of a well-written property description.

Which is all well and good. Great article.


What they are leaving out in this story is the fact that in order to sell the property you have to market to a hungry audience and target the people who are qualified to purchase the home.

The good news is – it’s easier than ever to target your market. And you don’t have to worry about getting 10,000 views on Zillow in order to sell a property today.

You only need one view from one person to make a sale. As long as you trigger their emotions in certain ways – they won’t be able to forget your property. (In fact, they will have to see it.)

That’s just a hint of what you have in store for our next WREIA event on Sept. 11th. You are going to learn some great “stuff” about marketing at our September meeting.

Our guest in September is an outside speaker.

Well, sort of.

Many of you know him and have met with him after some of our previous WREIA meetings. We often talk about the various forms of marketing he helps me with throughout the year.

Come on out on Monday, September 11th. He will be hyper focused talking about marketing small businesses in our area that brings results.

Getting your message in front of the right audience has never been more important.

Learn what it’s like to run monthly 4 and 5 figure marketing campaigns for companies in the DC area and beyond.

You may have no interest in spending 70-80k in a month on marketing.

That’s completely fine. You can relax.

You will learn to easily use these tactics and scale them down – or up – depending on your individual needs.

You can grab a seat for next Monday night or become a WREIA memberĀ here.


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