Market Update & The WREIA Weather Reset – Meeting Monday, March 20th

Re: Market Update & The WREIA Weather Reset – Meeting Monday, March 20th

Shorts and t-shirts just a couple weeks ago, now we are back to the heavy winter coats.

Welcome to spring weather in Washington DC!

I just checked out the live cameras at the Roundtop ski resort about 90 minutes north of us.   Two weeks ago they thought they were closing for the season.  Today they have 30+ inches of snow pack.   Amazing!

What does this crazy weather mean for our real estate market here in DC?

We definitely took a pause for a couple of days, but here is the thing: When you trap people inside for a few days, we all know they turn to the internet and start catching up on their web browsing.

There was a major uptick in home searches over the last week.

On our “day off” we dug into a few reports.  A January research report posted on Zillow showed the DC area appreciating slower than Indianapolis!

“Annual growth was slowest in January in Virginia Beach (+3.2 percent); Washington, D.C. (+3.6 percent); and Indianapolis (+3.7 percent).”

3.6% is great – but of the top 40 cities nationwide, it make you wonder what is going on that our back yard market can’t keep pace with Indianapolis?

You will get a chance to ask our WREIA member panel on Monday what they think is going on here in our local DC markets.

The panel lineup has not changed. Each of our guests has agreed to stick with us even though we had to reschedule from this past Monday.

We will be talking about the THREE PHASES OF RENOVATION. Each of our guests will bring their area of expertise to the panel and share their DECADES of experience.

Remember to update your calendar and be with us this Monday the 20th for our March WREIA meeting.

Also, keep an eye out for an email next week with details about our quarterly “WREIA Members Only” event. We will announce the details for you on Monday evening as well.

Do you have recent experience with Metro DC renovations? If you want to share your story about your business – can you get in touch with me? I would like to hear your story and perhaps we can share your lessons learned with our WREIA members at the March WREIA meeting.


Interested in a seat or a WREIA Membership?


Join us on the new meeting date – March 20th – and expand your belief that other people are out in the DC area making money in Real Estate.

FOCUS and make 2017 a great year for your business!

Let me know how I can help you make it happen,
John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder

P.S.  Interested in a lender or construction partner for your pending project?  Yes, we do that.  We lend to and partner with people all over the DC area.  Call the office and lets set up a time to talk through or walk through your project.