Would You Like A Peek At My Pipeline?

Re: Magic Bullet Question

A few people that I am working with are so close. They are just at the edge of a good deal.

I realized yesterday that each of them has asked a very similar question along the way.

In every industry there is a famous question that everyone seems to ask – especially when we are learning something new:

“If you had to pick just one thing to have the greatest effect, what would it be?”

As mentors we refer to it as the “magic bullet question”.

Deep down, we all know that there is never “one thing” that will bring us success in our business. If there was, we would all do it.

As proof of this “never one thing” I am going to share some of the inner workings of my business Monday night at our WREIA meeting.

You will have a chance at our October WREIA meeting to peek at 1/2 a dozen or so leads that are working their way through my pipeline.

Most of these are not closed deals. I haven’t renovated them. There are no before and after photos. This is what those properties look like before all of that.

These are what profitable closed properties look like when they are just an introductory phone call.

I am going to share why the people called, emailed or texted me about the property.

I think you are going to be surprised at the variety of ways a lead can originate.

If you listen carefully on Monday night – you will pick up a strategy that you could implement and focus on over the next 90 days that would have a dramatic impact on your business.

We will talk about and focus on a variety of properties:

  • Townhouse in Laurel
  • Single Family Home in Takoma Park
  • 2 Houses in PG County
  • House in VA
  • ….. and a few more.

If you want to understand the process of generating leads that ultimately ends with closed transactions – this is the night for you.

I enjoy all of our WREIA meetings and especially look forward to this Monday night.

If you want to dive deep on this topic of “Generating Leads”, join us at WREIA this Monday.


 Joining us at WREIA in October?

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Join us for the food, the network, the learning and expand your belief that other people are out with me right here in the DC area making money in Real Estate.

Make this year a great year for your business!

Let me know how I can help you,

John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder

Setting Yourself Apart in Real Estate

Setting Yourself Apart in Real Estate

Never underestimate the power of marketing. Whether you are selling sno-cones on the beach or homes in the most affluent area of Washington, DC, you need to realize that there are others competing for your business.

Marketing yourself is essential to draw others to you and away from your competitors. Being smart about how you market yourself is key. Here are 3 ways to market your real estate services that will set you apart from others.

The Importance of Listing Descriptions

As I browse the listings here in the DC area, I notice that many realtors do not put much thought into their listing descriptions. This  is a big mistake.

This is what your prospective buyers read to learn more about a property and if it doesn’t jump off the page, it may not capture their attention. It could be the perfect property, but it was not described completely, which caused them to completely overlook it.

While there may not be a lot of room in the MLS to write a description, it is essential to highlight the best features and amenities of a home. Make your words draw a picture for the reader.

Consider Viral Real Estate Videos

Using technology is essential in any market these days, but most especially in real estate. Video is a great way to show off features of a property – if it is done correctly. For a video to go viral, it must be one of these things: funny, memorable, creative, short, or provocative.

While you may think this is impossible with a real estate video, if you go on YouTube or Vimeo you will see that this can be done. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can hire someone to make a video for one of your properties that you are having a hard time marketing.

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

To distinguish yourself from the competition, you have to pay attention to the details. One old school technique that still seems to get results is handwritten notes.

Receiving a handwritten thank you or note of appreciation is something very special and it can set you apart from others.

Another detail you want to consider is sending food over on move-in day or even going over to help. While they have already made their purchase, many homeowners buy more than one home or they could be asked to recommend you to others, so cap off a great sale with a special touch.

Showing your clients that they are appreciated is essential. Be honest, treat people professionally, and market yourself in the most ethical way to ensure that you are set apart from competitors in the market.

Make this year a great year for your business!

 Let me know how I can help you,
John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder