Three Tips on HOW to share a success story. Without “bragging” or feeling awkward.

Do you have a success story to tell?

At our monthly WREIA meeting on July 18th we are going to focus on our WREIA members.

This is a great chance to share your success story.

This is an opportunity for you to share the spotlight with other WREIA members.

But….. How?

A few days ago I had Melinda Gates (yes, the billionaire foundation founder) help explain WHY it’s good to share success stories.

Today – let’s take care of the HOW.


How do you create a story that isn’t bragging, or if you tell it will be a turn-off to even your closest friends?


This can be a scary one for some people. Talking about “winning” isn’t always popular. Let’s break it down into three simple techniques you can use to create stories that people will enjoy.

#1 Don’t make it about you.
Example: Share a story about how one of your Mastermind groups members shared a technique or gave you advice that proved helpful to your business. Explain how once you used that advice it turned out to be a great move that helped push a project forward. It’s a great way to tell a story about someone else that showcases your ability to follow through and execute on the advice.

#2 Explain how you noticed a trend, and got on board.
Example: I noticed in one particular neighborhood where we renovated a home, nearly every house had a wine refrigerator. The partner I was working with pointed it out. We decided to install a wine refrigerator in that home and it ended up being a popular selling point for the home. (See how I combined tip #1 with tip #2?)

#3 Make a list.
Example: Make a list of the three, seven or ten steps you followed to a completed renovation. Or share your steps to a successful but complicated closing. Maybe a list on how you got private money on your last flip? I love lists. I think most of us do. We like them because we know they will end soon.

So there you have it. Three simple tips to get you going today.
Feel free to turn on the creativity bulb. Think about it for a few moments. Do you have a story you could share with your friends that will expose your success using one of these techniques?

Now – do YOU have a success story to share with our WREIA members on Monday night?

If you already have something to share – just let me know.

If you want to participate – this is going to be pretty simple.

Email me at or
call the office at 301-881-5541.

It’s that easy.

Join us for the food, the network, the learning and expand your belief that other people are out here in the DC area making money in Real Estate.

Save a few dollars and reserve your seat early. Then, come join us at WREIA on July 18th. It will be a great way to start the summer season, get you motivated, and get some momentum for the rest of 2016.

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Make this year a great year for your business!

Let me know how I can help you,

John Peterson
301-881-5541 Washington REIA Network, President Profitable Property, Founder

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