Millenials Are “Hiding” Everywhere

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Re: Millenials and Year End WREIA Meeting – Dec. 7th.


87 Million Millennials.  That’s a pretty big market.

But they are not an easy crowd to reach.

At least, that’s what they want you to think.

The reality is – to find them you simply need to go where they are “hanging out”.

And for the most part, they are hiding EVERYWHERE.

This crowd can be found in little nooks and crevices all over the DC area. But marketing to them can be a real challenge.

Most of them couldn’t tell you what is on the billboard just around the corner from their house.  But they can certainly tell you what’s at the top of their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed this morning.

I found an interesting article on the increasing number of home sales that are coming from the Millennial crowd.  You can find it at

I suggest that if you want to reach this crowd and understand where they are coming from start with understanding how their buyer profile is different from Generation X.

Their college debt load is higher because most of them rode out the Great Recession by staying in school getting better “qualified” for when they finally entered the job market.

Across the country, many recent graduates have met a challenging job market. But – here in the DC area, things are a bit different.  Many of the millennial crowd are finding a robust job market, and the best in their field are still being heavily courted by head hunters and placement professionals in the most competitive fields.

The DC job market has been very kind to technology, life sciences and the evergreen government support services.  When it comes to the highly educated, Forbes still rates DC as the top ranked city for competitiveness – source:

Here is a secret  – The DC real estate market is alive and well.

Remember – The Last WREIA Meeting of the year is on Dec. 7th!  

Come on out and join dozens of other WREIA members as we wrap up 2015.

We will have a panel of WREIA members who will be sharing some of their stories from 2015.  They will be talking about where and how they found their projects, some of their mistakes and misteps along the way, and how they ultimately found success at the end of their projects.

Reserve your seat now and come join us. It will be a great way to wrap up the year, get you motivated,  and get a head start on 2016.
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Make this week a great week for your business!

John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, FounderP.S. Calling all WREIA members – If you did your first, or your best deal in 2015 let us know if you would be willing to share your story at our December meeting. (If you have a great story, but get nervous in front of groups – we can share your story for you – even anonymously if you like.)