Amazon Hiring 100k Seasonal Employees (LINK)

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Amazon is hiring 100k seasonal employees to staff their massive warehouses over the upcoming holidays.You can find the full AP article posted at

For many people the extra seasonal income is a way to put away additional rainy day funds, or use it to wisely pay cash for a few extra gifts without going into debt.

This got me to thinking – “I wonder how someone getting started in our business could leverage this type of seasonal employment opportunities?”

Follow me for a few minutes and reflect on a WREIA article we posted a few months ago:

That June WREIA article also mentioned last years seasonal Amazon hiring.  (The article is posted at

My challenge to you in that post was to act like Amazon and hire a temporary employee to do a little work for your business.  That temp employee could help you create a postcard or maybe do some research and help with a mailing list.

Some people may have trouble coming up with an initial fund to get started and pay those temporary employees. So take the temporary employment opportunity a step further and we find ourselves involved with something a college friend told me about  – international wage arbitrage.

This sounds crazy at first, but what if you decided to take a job with Amazon, or another seasonal employer over the holidays?  Most companies will pay around 12$ an hour in the U.S. – maybe more.

Lets say you only work part time, 20 hours per week during the evenings, for the next 8 weeks.  Quick math ….. and it seems like you can walk away with a couple thousand dollars.

What do you do with that extra money?  Spend it on gifts?  Perhaps.

Maybe instead, let’s implement a little wage arbitrage.

Simply put that 12$ an hour to use for you – and invest it in your business – creatively.

You can hire someone overseas to do some research work for you for 2-3$ per hour.  In other words, for 12$ an hour you could hire 4 talented people and pay them 3 dollars an hour.

How much would you accomplish if you hired 4 people to work for you over the next two months?

Do you think if you picked the right mix of people you might be able to uncover a single deal in the DC area?  There are nearly 6 Million people in the DC metro area – could you find one person to help with a housing situation?

Obviously, these temporary workers will not be out knocking on doors for you.  They will likely be sitting at a desk in the Philippines or India, maybe Pakistan, or even Russia.  They may work off hours, but does that matter if they are getting good quality research finished?

Finding a good deal does not come easy these days.  Anyone telling you that investing in houses or renovating properties is easy – is quite frankly – lying to you.

However, you can begin by taking a few small smart steps and wisely investing in your business.  At WREIA this month I am going to show you how you can start with nothing today and safely walk into “retirement” within 10 years.

As I look down the road over the next few years, I will have two kids going to college and after that – the home stretch to “retirement”.   I know the financial pressures that everyday life can bring.

This is not going to be a fantasy type dream plan.  It’s going to be an actionable itemized plan that will allow you to step away from a job (if that is what you want) and have enough set aside to enjoy life and live comfortably on your terms.

The reality is, if you take a few small steps and get started, the small snowball in 2015 can be a giant unstoppable machine by 2025.

Remember – We are in the home stretch of 2015. 

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John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, Founder