Video – “Power Networking” w/ Role Playing at WREIA This Month

If you have ever struggled in a conversation about your business  you are going to love WREIA this month.

In the video below I describe with a little more detail exactly what we are going to be focused on when it comes to Power Networking for more deals at our WREIA meeting this month.

We are going to go way beyond the first few lines of getting to know someone and focus on where many people stumble when they get to the harder questions about deals here in the Washington DC area.

Reserve your seat and then come on out to join all of our members at WREIA this month.

Monday July 20th – Doors open at 6:30.

Is Asking Questions Really The Source Of All Knowledge?

Tuesday Morning
Re: Asking Questions

handThe art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. 

Thomas Berger, American Novelist

Thomas Berger was a Pulitzer prize finalist, and among many other accomplishments Mr. Berger had his book Little Big Man tuned into a movie (1970) staring Dustin Hoffman.

For years Mr. Berger was at the top of his game.  We all know that you can learn great things from the people around you that are leaders in their field.

But you can learn MORE when you know the right questions to ask.

And our line of work is no different.  Asking the right questions can put you out in front when it comes to closing deals that benefit everyone.

The problem is, how do you learn the right questions?  Better yet, what is the best way to learn HOW to ask those questions?

For the past few years we have asked our WREIA members what they enjoy most about our monthly meetings.  Every year one of the regular answers has been the meetings that we devote to Role Playing.

When I think back on it, when I was first getting started one of the largest strokes of good fortune I had was my ability to sit next to my mentor Ernie Kessler and listen to him respond to phone calls.

One of the things he did very well was listen.  But first he got the ball rolling by asking the right questions.  In just a few short minutes he could create deals that  pleased everyone involved and he did it in such an easy way.

Even today, I think that is a great formula for success – Ask questions and listen (really listen) to the answers.

At our WREIA meeting on Monday night we are going to do some role playing and you get to sit back and listen to how we engage people in various, and sometimes difficult situations.

Just a few scenarios we are going to talk about:

  • When your friends ask what you do – What do you say?
  • What questions do you ask on that first phone call from someone who NEEDS to sell their house because they are going through a divorce?
  • When you know the deal is not going to work – How do you tell someone that you are not interested in buying their home?
  • Do you sometimes not follow up on a lead because you don’t know what to do with it or don’t want to be distracted by something outside of your cookie cutter deals? (This happens a lot. I can give you an easy out on this one that will make you look professional and maybe even help you earn a few dollars too.)
  • When you meet an attorney do you know what to ask that will get their attention and maybe even a meeting over coffee, breakfast or lunch?  (This is very relevant right now in July of 2015.)
  • How do  you make an impression on other Real Estate Agents with one simple question?

By the way – here is your chance to ask some questions of your own.

If you have a recent situation or question that you were asked, but you didn’t know how to respond – let us know.  Call the office (301-881-5541)  or email us.  Give us some general details on where you got stuck in a conversation and we will try to make it part of the presentation on Monday night.

The best part is – we have a VERY active membership and someone else in the crowd on Monday night may offer an alternative way to respond to your situation that has worked for them in the past.

Remember – This is the last meeting of the summer. 
After this Monday night our next meeting will be in September. 

Come on out and join other WREIA members this month.

It’s going to be like a one night mini-course on how to generate leads from people you know. I will explain what I did when I was first getting started, and what I do differently today to bring in “Network” deals.

On July 20th doors open and networking starts at 6:30 on that Monday evening.

Reserve your seat today and come join us. I guarantee you’ll be happy you did.


Reserve your seat for our July 2015 WREIA meeting Here.

Make this week a great week for your business!

John Peterson


Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, Founder