Knights and Roundtables @ WREIA This Month


If you have attended a wedding or other social event lately, you know that the roundtable setting makes it pretty easy to get to know someone new. Especially if the music isn’t playing too loud.

I was sitting at a wedding table recently and one of the gentlemen we were sitting with told us a little story about King Arthur and why he created a roundtable system for all of his Barons and Knights to meet and hold discussions.

King Arthur knew that his various Knights would not enjoy being set at a lower “station” than the Knight next to him. In fact, at one of his Christmas or Yuletide celebrations a riot broke out, based in part on the social seating at the event. So rather than have a head or foot of a table, he used round tables for seating at his future events.

Problem solved. No more riots at Christmas parties.

Roundtable Discussion at WREIA This Month

We have never had a riot at a WREIA meeting, but we will be having a round table discussion at WREIA this month – and you are welcome to join us.

Roundtable discussions are based on the idea that everyone is equal, and can bring new and fresh ideas to the topic of discussion. In modern times we have a Mastermind and a Board of Directors meeting based on this same concept. Everyone can bring new ideas to the discussion, and the combined effort should bring new proposals and direction to the effort.

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Last month we had a local attorney come and share with us various strategies for financing properties in the DC area. This month, we are taking it a bit closer to home and bringing some of our WREIA members to the front of the room to discuss recent successes – and failures.

Just like King Arthurs court, no matter how long you have been in this business, you can learn a lot from these roundtable discussions. The What, How’s and Why’s of someone else’s everyday business can spark an idea for YOUR business and maybe help you get back on track. And just like King Arthur, we will be discussing what is working right along side what is NOT working in our local area. This will give you some things to focus on, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

You can leave your 15th century costumes at home, but come on out and join us this next Monday at our WREIA May meeting.


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I hope to see you at our next WREIA meeting just one week away on May 18th.

John Peterson

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