How I Doubled My Business – Twice. WREIA March 23rd

Thursday 10AM
Re: How I Doubled My Business

One of the pillars of our Real Estate Association is belief.  After 2 decades in this business, I know that belief plays an enormous part in our success.

Once you see the photos and hear the story from the person sitting next to you at WREIA about how they just finished a renovation project – well, it makes you believe you can do it too.   We see it all the time.  Success breeds more success.

Then, once you successfully complete a deal, it makes you a bigger believer in the fact that you can do the next deal too. No matter how hard it was, and how much work you put into it – at the end, a finished project is very, very gratifying.

Some of our WREIA members have gone on to do fantastic things in our line of work.  They have built their business and income based on a ton of successful transactions and – most importantly – helping other people get out of sometimes very tough situations.

Please put March 23rd on your calendar if you want to grow your business.  If you want to go from one to two deals a year – fantastic.  But  – what if you wan to take your business from 5 transactions a year to 10 per year?

Or how about from 10 to 20?

There were steps that I had to take when I wanted to grow my business.  I want to share those with you at our next WREIA meeting on March 23rd.

I’m going to focus in on the top things that helped me grow from 5 to 10 deals and then again when I wanted to go from 15 to 30 transactions in a year.  These were two very different stages of my business – and required bringing different tools and strategies to the “business growth” project.

Do you want to grow your business and do more?  If you do, then come out and join all of us at the next WREIA meeting on March 23rd.

March 23rd.  Put it on your calendar.  Come out to WREIA and say hi.  Let me know how you are doing so far in 2015.

Let me know if there is something I can do to help you grow your business.


Reserve your seat for the Third 2015 WREIA meeting Here.

That’s all for now.

I hope I see you in about 10 days on Monday, March 23rd at WREIA.

John Peterson


Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, Founder

P.S. This past Tuesday I just talked with a WREIA member about some very specific ways I can help him on his current project. I made one phone call and saved him 18% on his contracting bid. The answer is YES, in March 2015 we are doing deals with our students and WREIA members.

Maybe you need some help with financing or could use a valuable construction partner with years of experience? Or do you need us to help speed up the process for you, and help drive your business to the next level? We are here to help.

Don’t be shy! Just post a few quick details about your deal at and we will get back to you ASAP.

If you prefer to send me an email – that’s fine too. Send some details of your project to profitableproperty   @  (Just leave out the spaces)