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In a recent email we talked about getting advice.
Let me share with you a question I had about my own business and the answer was “No Question.  You Want Pinterest.”
Successful Real Estate Marketing
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WREIA Sept. 15th.

First off, let me just say :  I am not endorsing Pinterest for 99% of investors, especially if you are just getting started in this business. After my extended conversation a few days ago, it’s easy to see how people are getting caught up in a ton of hype, and simply wasting time on Pinterest.

That said – I totally get it.  I understand how people get addicted to “pinning”. And, I can also see why and how business people easily cross the line into spamming on Pinterest.

It’s so easy.

On Monday night we are going to be talking about marketing for your business, but specifically about the crossroads of two things that are crucial to your business today :


That said, doesn’t it seem that these two topics collide every second when you are using Pinterest?  Say “Yes.”  Of course they do.

However, most people are not actually “creating” anything of value on their Pinterest boards.  Think about it.  When was the last time you saw one of your friends post one of their own pieces of original work – something that they created?  Sure it happens, but rarely.  Cousin Suzie knits a sweater, posts a photo of it and pins it seconds later.  But this is probably about 1% of the time – or less.

For those of you who have never used Pinterest – It’s a nice little site that lets you quickly link and share interesting videos, photos, and graphics that you find on while you are surfing the web.  You can “Pin” the stuff you find interesting on your own boards and then share your boards with other people.  It’s all very viral, and very fun to see what other people find “Pinteresting.”

If you like homemade soup recipes, there is a board for that.  In fact, the largest boards are posting photos of food and recipes.  There are also lots of boards for cars, boats, planes, houses, architecture, clothes, jewelry and your favorite quotes.

Most of what you see on Pinterest is people posting other bits of creativity from other people.  Their boards are not really their original art or content at all – it’s free advertising for other people.   THE KEYWORD HERE IS F-R-E-E.

Now, what if you learned how some people are effectively using a combination of just two sites – Pinterest and Facebook and creating real businesses.  Business that make 5-7k or more every month.   Do you think you could learn something to help you in your business?  Say “Yes.”

Remember – two main points we are going to be talking about Monday night at WREIA.


Let me say this again –

If you don’t put this combination together in the right way – you are going to be lost and alone in the business world for the next 25 years.

You are going to learn a lot more about Pinterest on Monday night.  You are going to learn who is already there, and who you can find to help market your own business.  Females will especially want to hear how they can attract more business – easily.

But we have plenty for the guys too….. plenty.

If you like marketing, but have been more than a little disappointed in your results lately, this is the night for you.

In the first 10 minutes we are going to talk about Nikki Minaj, Shakira and even…. well you will just have to see.

I hope to see you on Monday for the rest of the story on Pinterest and we will tell you what the final decision we made for my business.



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Join us at WREIA Monday night September 15th, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and your business.

John Peterson

Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, Founder

P.S.  The answer is YES, in 2014 we are definitely doing partner deals with our students and WREIA members.  Maybe you need some help with financing or could use a valuable construction partner with years of experience. Or do you need us to help speed up the process for you, and help drive your business to the next level?   We are here to help.  Just send us a few quick details at  and we will get back to you ASAP.