“Some of the forces driving the housing market aren’t sustainable.” – LINK

“State Of Financing – 2013”
June 17th at WREIA.
Finally, Forbes is reporting broader details on just how many homes are being gobbled up by those “evil” institutional investors.
If it was left to traditional home buyers, the year over year gains in home purchases would actually be losses.”But John, I thought the real estate market was going gang-busters?!
“Sorry – there are still headwinds in the DC market as well as other major markets across the country.
We have been telling you every month this year – BE SAFE AND DO GOOD DEALS. Don’t get carried away and do a mediocre deal just to keep busy.  This is a good market to be buying homes in good neighborhoods – but be careful.
I’m convinced that now more than ever FINANCING is the major obstacle to the U.S. real estate market recovery.I hope to see you Monday at WREIA where our guest speakers are going to give some details from behind the scenes in the mortgage markets.
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Next Monday we are going to talk about selling your investment property in 2013 and what you can expect from your retail buyers when they are coming to the deal with traditional bank financing.   We are going to be talking about finding money for your deals, and things to keep an eye on with your buyers financing as well.


Your buyers financing options are going to change again on January 10th, 2014 – and you can be ready for it.


Keep going today, stay motivated and get your ticket to WREIA for this Monday, June 17th.  We are going to help you lay out a business road-map for the last half of 2013.


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help your business,

John Peterson

Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, Founder
P.S.   The “March To 100” UPDATE – Phase 1 is complete! We are in full swing and local Wholesalers are getting PAID!  If you want a few more details about the campaign, and the types of properties we are buying with the sole plan to place them in a rental portfolio, come join us at WREIA.
P.P.S  The answer is YES, we are still doing partner deals with our students and WREIA members.  Maybe you need some help with financing or need a valuable construction partner?  We can help speed up the process for you, and help take your business to the next level.   We are here to help.  Just send us a few quick details at http://dchardmoneylender.com/quick-property-submit/  and we will get back to you ASAP.