White, Black Or Chrome?

The colors we choose in the renovation process can have a huge impact on the first impression of a potential home buyer.

I have been in some homes where the homeowner obviously wanted to “make a statement” about their individuality.  It’s one of the joys of owning a home – you get to make the choices of how you decorate, including the colors you choose.  But let’s be honest – some people go to extremes and then wonder why “everyone” doesn’t just love their artistic splashes of color.  A few extreme examples are posted here.

One of the major trends we see going on right now in the renovation process is the move back to white and more neutral colors.  It seems that people have grown tired of the exciting and bold “make a statement” color choices and instead just want a warm and inviting place to rest in the evenings.

Appliances play a major part in this color cycle.

I stopped in one of the big box stores a few days ago and talked for a few minutes with one of the kitchen designers about what she is experiencing lately.  I walked away with three points to share with you.

1 – People love Chrome, but hate the finger-prints that come with this option.

2 – Renovations are trending to white and off white color patterns in the kitchens, but the white appliances are just too white next to the neutral paint tones, so people are choosing black.  Again – fingerprints are the major complaint with Chrome.

3 – Companies have been trying to get a good fingerprint free Chrome, but so far they have fallen drastically short.

Above is a photo of a recent project we completed in NW DC a few months ago.  These colors are much more muted than what we were using just a few years ago.

Our goal at WREIA is to keep you updated on the most current trends that affect us nationally, regionally, and most important – locally.  In 2013 we will continue down the path we started last year of introducing you to local professionals who are active in our local DC/Baltimore area markets.

On Monday, Feb. 25th we will talk about Contracting, including painting and color choices and how it factors into the success of your business. For most of us, having the right team – at the right price – will make a huge difference when it comes to putting together a good profitable deal.

One thing makes our WREIA group great – and it starts with the leaders in our group.  ALL of our most successful members want to help you succeed.  They have realized that if you have success, they in turn will find success too.  Let us help you set up your business for success in 2013.

Come join us Monday, Feb. 25th and listen in as we discuss the world of contracting.  You will be glad you joined us.

John Peterson

Washington REIA Network, President

Profitable Property, Founder