The Window Is Closing

The Window IS Closing

Where are we going in 2013? Well….

“The end of 2013 is going to look very different than the beginning of the year.”

That quote was said during a conversation a few days ago with one of our private money partners.

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Come join us at WREIA next Monday at the final monthly meeting of the year and find out why 2013 will present many opportunities at the beginning of the year, that will not be available at the end of the year.

Last year when we had this same members-only format for the November meeting, everyone who attended agreed it was one of their favorite nights of the year.  Our WREIA members are going to get up and tell you about their year – both positive and challenging – and how a few of them have made exponential progress during 2012.

Come a little early for the pizza and networking, but make sure you get a good seat.

Please note: We will not be distributing a presentation after the meeting and there will be no video or audio recording available of the Nov. meeting.

Like a stuck window that you need to close due to a coming storm – sometimes you have to open it further to get it moving.  Our window of opportunity is going to swing wide open in the 1st quarter of 2013 before it slams shut later in the year.

Come join us and find out why on Monday night.

Get more details and register for the WREIA Nov. meeting at

We are going to cover a lot of ground on Monday.  Washington REIA members will be talking about their investing discipline, including answering the following;

Where do I find small commercial deals that cash flow?
What type of programs are available to finance commercial properties?
Advantages and disadvantages of this type of investment?

How are you finding deals?
What is the toughest part of the process?  Finding, Fixing or Selling?
Where are the best places to invest?  Where are the DC Area Hot Spots?   

How do you build a reliable list of Purchasers?
Where do you find information on value and renovation expenses?
How much money can I expect to make on a typical wholesale deal?

How do I find a realtor that can assist me with investments?
Is the MLS a good source of deals?
What do I need to have in order to be attractive to realtors?

Get more details and register for the WREIA Nov. meeting at

Let me know how I can help you,

John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder