Upcoming WREIA Meeting to Focus on Short Sales & REO’s

Banks are becoming more and more bold…..

Now that the robo-signing scandle is behind us, and the banks are beginning to pay their fines, you can expect to see more and more properties hit the market in the coming months.

Oct. 1st marks the beginning of the 4th quarter for many businesses here in the United States. Many of the banks are looking to unload properties they are holding, either through auctions or short sale agreements with the current deed owners.  A precious few owners are actually making it through to the other side of a trial modification period arriving safely at a permanent loan modification.

Here in the DC area we recently set aside one of the largest property auctions to ever hit our area.   We notified our WREIA members of the minimal 100k needed to enter a bid for the estimated 23 Million Dollar McLean property.

If you are interested in learning more about what to expect through the end of the year and into next spring, join us on Oct. 15th at Washington REIA Network