Sponsored Social Media Marketing Classes & End Of Year Wrap-up

Unbelievable. I looked up at the calendar and it’s November already….

What happened to 2012!!??

I hope you have had an exciting and profitable 2012. We only have a few chances for you to catch us as we start ramping up our renovation business for 2013.

Just like you, we are out there every day looking for those lucrative projects to start as we head into the end of the year. We have joint venture opportunities and capital to lend on your great projects so don’t be shy. We would love to help you get your ready-to-sell inventory primed for the spring buying rush.

For those of you who attended our October WREIA meeting, you know that we are focused and planning on doing good, solid projects, in sought after communities, across our broader DC region.

Some of you also mentioned the WREIA meeting in September was helpful and exciting, but you wanted to see more of the tools and techniques we use to generate interest and leads for the projects we do.

Well, we heard you. On November 2nd, WREIA and Profitable Property are sponsoring a super low-cost 2 part training that will knock your socks off.

At our old stomping grounds at the Rockville Hilton, we are going to be showing you more of our numbers and the results we are getting from online and social media marketing campaigns here in the DC area.

The class is jam packed with tons of information you can act on as soon as you leave the building. For those of you who are super motivated, you could actually start using some of the tools in the lobby……

We are going to be showing you details on why and how much time you should be spending on social media. Believe me, if you are seasoned in this business, you could be spending as little at 6 hours – A WEEK – on social media marketing and generating all the leads you can handle. (In fact, 61% are seeing lead generation benefits with 6 hours or less.)

Please understand – I said 6 hours for seasoned business owners.  If you are getting started, it will take a little more work than 6 hours per week to get your plan up and running.

Friday Nov. 2nd is not for the “push a button and I’m rich” crowd.

This business today takes some hustle.

Friday Nov. 2nd is not for the “I’ll just hire someone on Odesk to do it for me” business owner.

The hungry outsourcing crowd on Odesk offer services that could actually hurt your business online today. You have to know what to tell them to do – as well as understand why they are doing it. Our online contractors are doing very different work for us today compared to what they were doing in 2009.

If you are just getting started in this business or your marketing online could use a jump-start – that’s OK. You are really going to enjoy the morning session from 9-11AM.

However, if you have a good system up and running already, and want to get out in front of your competition, you will want to attend the Advanced class from 12-2PM.

Of course you can choose the morning Beginner & Getting Started session, the afternoon Advanced session or simply attend both. Get more details on the two sessions here.

Please don’t wait to register. For the first time, our new affiliates went live and started marketing to their lists yesterday.

We only have 30 seats and at the rate we are going, this class is going to sell out soon. You cannot plan on coming to the door to register – you simply will not find a seat. (We offered the same class last year, and sadly, some of our members were turned away at the door. If your marketing needs help, please don’t let that happen to you on Nov. 2nd.)

Bring your marketing frustrations and questions – this is an interactive training experience.

Let me sum up the class by saying this:

Both sessions are focused on creating multimedia content your clients and customers will engage and respond to – with an intense focus on generating a bottom-line, dollar denominated, measurable profit for your business.

You can find even more details and register here or at

Now – on to the last WREIA meeting of the year.

Last year, we had the most positive feedback and comments from the November WREIA monthly meeting – BY FAR. Dozens of people let us know how much they enjoyed the evening.

We are going to bring in some of our WREIA members who are superstars, and they tell you what they did, and how well they did over the course of 2012. They are not joining us to brag about themselves, but to help motivate you. (If you are interested in sharing your success story, let us know.)

We plan this November format because of one simple reason:

When you see other people doing it, you realize you can do it too.

Let me know how I can help you,

John Peterson

$300 Million Commission Check – Gone.

Fannie Mae owns about 110,000 homes.  They are collecting rent on about 8,000 of those properties.

Some real estate agents are getting upset about the new plan to sell these homes directly to hedge funds and private equity groups.

Let’s run some round numbers real quick:

100,000 Homes
100,000 Average Sale Price
10,000,000,000 – That’s 10 Billion in sales.

Now, the average Realtor commission is about 3% on the sale of a home….

That totals $300 Million in Realtor sales commissions -GONE-  if Fannie Mae were to sell all of their inventory directly to hedge funds.

You can read more about this at http://blogs.wsj.com/developments/2012/09/10/fannies-big-foreclosure-sale-maybe-not-so-big-after-all/

Hmmmmm – I imagine if you asked your friendly neighborhood Realtor if they are excited about missing out on their “piece” of that pile of commissions, they probably won’t be too happy.

Next Monday at Washington REIA Network we are going to be talking about the alternatives to the private equity and hedge fund sales – which are short sales and auctions.

Get more details on the WREIA Oct. metting at http://wreia-oct2012-cc1.eventbrite.com

Let me know how I can help you,
John Peterson

Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder

P.S We are doing projects all over Metro DC!  If you need an active finance partner in the Washington DC area, we have been expanding our capital base to help you with your deals.   You can request a funding letter or share details on your property at http://dchardmoneylender.com/quick-property-submit/ 

Finally – if you enjoyed last months WREIA meeting, you are going to love this:  Profitable Property is going to help you dig a little deeper into effective business marketing. We will be hosting two sessions tentatively scheduled for Friday morning Nov. 2nd in Rockville, MD. Let us know if you are interested by sending an email to ProfitableProperty@gmail.com.

Upcoming WREIA Meeting to Focus on Short Sales & REO’s

Banks are becoming more and more bold…..

Now that the robo-signing scandle is behind us, and the banks are beginning to pay their fines, you can expect to see more and more properties hit the market in the coming months.

Oct. 1st marks the beginning of the 4th quarter for many businesses here in the United States. Many of the banks are looking to unload properties they are holding, either through auctions or short sale agreements with the current deed owners.  A precious few owners are actually making it through to the other side of a trial modification period arriving safely at a permanent loan modification.

Here in the DC area we recently set aside one of the largest property auctions to ever hit our area.   We notified our WREIA members of the minimal 100k needed to enter a bid for the estimated 23 Million Dollar McLean property.

If you are interested in learning more about what to expect through the end of the year and into next spring, join us on Oct. 15th at Washington REIA Network