Tonight At The June WREIA Meeting….

Why should you join us tonight at WREIA?

“Networking is the energy that turns the wheel of commerce.”  You will hear that tonight at Washington Real Estate Investors Association Network.

Commerce means that transactions are taking place.  People are doing business, and creating a profit.  And in my opinion, profit is good.  I buy, renovate and sell homes across the DC area.  I also help other people learn the same process.  When our homes are renovated, the buyers move into a safe place to live, the neighborhood has improved, and the professionals who performed the renovation work can make a good living too.  Everyone involved received something of value.

Before a profit was made, there was a “sale.”  A transaction took place, right?  But what happened before the sale?  Maybe you discovered the product or service from a referral from a friend, or an ad in a newspaper, or a commercial on TV.  So, before the sale, marketing or advertising took place.

But today, Fortune 500 companies are nervous because of the lack of response they are getting on their big budget TV, radio and print advertising.   These big companies are searching for ways to connect with their customers.

Networking is marketing.  Marketing creates the “sale”. So you have a chance like never before to get ahead of the big companies and capture the “sale”.  But this process is only successful if you know what you are doing, and can meet new people efficiently and effectively.

To be an effective networker today, you have to know how to target and attend the right events, but you should also realize the just living life can be the right event.

Remember – success happens when preparation meets opportunity.  If you are not prepared to meet new people and grow your business, it is unlikely to happen.

Join us tonight and let me know how I can help you,

John Peterson

Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder

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