College Park Renovation | June WREIA Events | Book Club

We have a renovation going on right now in College Park, not too far from the University of Maryland campus. You may have seen the unfinished basement in one of our last videos posted here.

In the background, you can see the property is literally how it looked the morning we began the demo and renovation process.  There were many items to be taken out of the house.

Just a few weeks later, that same property is almost finished.  In the updated video below, we are again shooting the video from the basement, because upstairs there is a flurry of activity.  A few of the professional painters actually make a background appearance in the video.

I am showing you the video for two reasons.  One, I want you to see that we really do find, fix, and flip properties for a living.  Two, this is the busy season for renovators, and I want you help you be busy too.

This doesn’t make sense to most new investors.  Why would I want to have you start “competing” with me to find properties?  The reality is, here in the DC area, there is way too much for any one team to do alone.

Many of my deals over the years have involved “partners” of one sort or another.  Sometimes, I buy a property from a wholesaler.  Occasionally I team up and joint venture on a property.  And the rest of the projects we do, we find in house, from our own marketing efforts.

All of these property types  have one thing in common.  Network.

After 18 years, I have a broad network of contacts, and many people I can reach out to when I need help.

I hope you join us this coming Monday at our June WREIA Network meeting.  Our topic will be “Power Networking for the Real Estate Investor.”

This is an overlooked part of the business for most investors.  Over the past few years, if things have slowed down for you,  you have had an opportunity to sharpen your skills.  Networking, in my opinion, should be at the top of your list of items to focus on – every day.

If you work on developing a strong network of contacts who trust you, like you, and want to do business with you, it guarantees one thing.


Join us at WREIA this month.

You can register at

Once you are finished Monday night, we showed you 8 opportunites to implement what you learn at the WREIA meeting.  Than Merrill and the Fortune Builders team is in the DC area over the next few weeks.  These free preview classes provide a great chance for you to meet and mingle with other people who have a similar interest in real estate investing.   We posted the dates and times for these classes at

Join us Monday Night at WREIA, and start networking your way to Success!