Real Estate Investor “Bonking”

Some people know it as “hitting a wall.”  Marathoners know it by another name: “bonking”.

Bonking.  I had never heard of it before. It’s more than just a cramp in your calf, or getting tired half-way through the race.

It’s when your body completely shuts down on multiple levels.  Your legs just don’t want to move and you begin to mentally shut down. You may experience fatigue at such a deep level you start to hallucinate.

Runners can train and practice for months, or even years and still “hit the wall” during a marathon.  Endurance runners understand that the race is more than just “running”.  Your body needs the right type of fuel before the event, and your mind has to be prepared as well.  If both the body and the mind are not in a good place, half-way through the race your body may start bonking, and those little green men in your hallucinations may really frighten you.

Strangely, I see the same thing happen to people in business.  Many people work for 5, 10 or even 20 years, and then they start to fatigue.  Business gets hard.  Times change.  They start to hallucinate and see “little green men” that will ruin their careers.

Sadly – some people give up at this point in their career.

Others keep going.

In 1995 a top athlete named Paula Newby Frazier was running the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii and collapsed 400 yards from the finish line.  She could actually be heard saying “I’m going to die”. It terrified most of the people around her.  Moments later, the most beautiful moment of the entire day took place when she got back up and continued.

Paula finished the race.

This “bonking” happened to a world class athlete.  You may not realize that Paula, who fell down 400 yards shy of the finish line, also won 21 of 26 Iron Man Triathlons that she entered.  But on that day in 1995, she was a winner simply because she finished the race.

If you have faced some struggles over the last few years, or even been knocked down in your career or business – you will want to be with us on Monday.

This month at our WREIA meeting, (which is May 21st) we are going to talk about getting started and restarted in 2012.


Mark Your Calendar for May 21st – The May WREIA Meeting
Getting Started or Restarted In 2012
5 Major Challenges Influencing Today’s Market That Didn’t Exist in 2005


Times have changed – pretty dramatically –  since 2005.  There are many new challenges that you face in this business, or any business.  If you choose to quit when you hit small bumps in the road, you simply will not make it to your finish line. Paula Newby Frazier didn’t quit in 1995.  She was 400 yards from the finish line. She simply had to finish.

No matter where you are in your career Monday night we will shed some light on major challenges influencing today’s market.  If you have yet to do your first deal you will want to join us.  More importantly, if you are making 300k or more in this business –  you will definitely want to join us.

Get ready for Monday night.  We are working hard to give you the skills, tools, and access to the people you need to avoid mistakes and be successful.

If I can help you, let me know.

John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder

P.S. In this video I posted a few more details about Monday night.


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