The Kindle Fire For My Business

The Kindle Fire is pretty cool.

And in the 4th quarter of 2011, 5.5 MILLION people agreed with me.

Amazon sold over 5 million of these little tablets, and I’m sure many of them were given as gifts over the holidays.

Most of you know, I am not the guy to call about computers or technology in general. Real estate, yes, please call me. But when I can plug in a piece of technology, and turn it on, that’s enough for me. When it comes to technology, I am quite happy with the basics.

Which is why I was skeptical at first. I didn’t understand why anyone would want a little tablet to read books, or check email when they had a pc or laptop.

But then my family got an iPad. And now, I understand.

They are extremely convenient, and portable. I can sit and watch a basketball game, and reply to a few emails at the same time.

When a friend mentions a website, I no longer have to march over to the pc and check it out. If something sounds interesting, the iPad sits right there in front of me, and I can quickly find out more. Remember, for a technophobe like me, that is a big luxury.

Now, I also enjoy buying real estate – at wholesale prices. Price is always a factor for me.

Which brings me back to the Kindle Fire. It lets me do the same stuff that I do on the iPad, and the cost is much less.

It has a ton of content. A TON.

And, anything I buy, I can store on Amazon – for free. Movies, books, magazines – everything stored, for free. No worries about running out of space. Pretty cool.

Now, don’t call or email me and try to debate the iPad vs. the Kindle. I know what works for me, and using these devices has helped me improve my communication via email, and also helped me stay in touch and current in other ways as well.

Anyone who signs up for a 6 month or annual membership, not just a one night pass, will be eligible to win a Kindle Fire on Monday night.

That is going to make a pretty nice gift for someone. The Kindle Fire sells for $199 on Amazon. You can check it out here.

PDA users can see the Kindle details at

Don’t forget the annual membership specials that are only available in January. All the membership information is available HERE!

You can also find the pre-registration page at

We want you to be up to speed and efficient, and in my opinion, tools like the Kindle Fire will help you.

And as always, let me know if I can help with your real estate investing here in the DC area.

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday night!

John Peterson,  Washington REIA Network, President